Careers at Fishman – Production Assembler

Fishman Transducers Inc.
Production Assembler

Fishman Transducers Inc. is a world leader in the music industry, developing amplification, effects and pick up products for a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments.

• Assemble and fasten together by soldering and gluing electronic and plastic and wooden parts to form subassemblies for musical instruments.
• Must have steady hand and high attention to detail.
• Frequently works at bench as member of assembly group assembling various parts.
• Performs any combination of repetitive tasks on assembly line to mass produce small products. Positions parts in specified relationship to each other and fastening parts together using hands. Assembling, connecting and soldering wires, using a number of various hand tools, tweezers, and soldering iron.
• May be assigned to different workstations as production needs require or shift from one station or group to another.
• Testing of sub assembled parts on designated fixtures and differentiating defective parts or faulty operation.
• Completing appropriate paperwork as assigned.
• Always maintain a clean and safe workspace.
• Assist with other miscellaneous functions and duties, including but not limited to light maintenance and material handling.

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