Product Series Classic Pickups | Fishman

Classic Series Pickups

Pickups for mandolins, banjos, resonators, violins, bass and more.

Fishman's classic line-up of tried-and-true acoustic instrument pickups, including the original BP-100 Upright Bass Pickup - the one that started it all!

C-100 Classic Series Cello Pickup

The C-100 utilizes Fishman’s patented Floating Mount system for easy installation in the wing slot of the bridge.

M-200 Classic Series Professional Mandolin Pickup

The M-200, identical to the M-100, includes a Carpenter style 1/4″ output jack that mounts on the side of the instrument.

M-100 Classic Series Mandolin Pickup

The M-100 consists of a piezo-ceramic pickup element that is embedded in an adjustable ebony replacement bridge. The pickup comes complete with a 1/4″ external jack for easy mounting.