Pete ^Mroz

Pete Mroz

I moved to Nashville, TN when I was 19 years old to be a country music singer. Early on I was influenced musically by Steve Green, Eric Clapton and Garth Brooks. Now there’s a combination … a christian artist, a bluesman and a country singer. How do you describe my music? It starts with my voice and guitar, then we see where it takes us! Blues, Adult Contemporary, Singer-Songwriter … if that’s the label then I wear it proudly!


Through the years I have written and recorded three albums and shared the stage with many great musicians who have shaped and molded me into the artist I am, but also when off the stage I have been blessed with so many amazing people that have taken the time to love and teach me about life. Though I never became that country star, my path was to be a journeyman … exploring different genres of music, writing love songs, expressing myself through the lens of a camera or helping a person solve a problem. I have learned to not take myself too seriously and know my place in this world. Everyday I have the blues and everyday I am thankful to be alive! Onward and Upward!!