Josh Cunningham

The Waifs

Josh Cunningham is a founding member of Australian folk roots band “The Waifs”. Formed in 1992, with sisters Donna Simpson and Vikki Thorn, the trio forged a dedicated and loyal following through years of endless live shows.

In 2003, they became an “overnight sensation” when they picked up four ARIA awards (Australia’s version of the Grammy’s) for their album “Up All Night”, and had radio success with several of the tracks from that album including “London Still” and “Lighthouse Man”.

They became favourites of the North American folk festival circuit as they took their unique sound and relentless appetite for touring to the northern hemisphere. The Waifs have opened for and shared stages with many high-profile artists along the way – most notably being personally invited by Bob Dylan to join him for thirty plus shows in the USA. As their music is passed down through generations, The Waifs continue to attract loyal followers and touch hearts in meaningful ways.

In 2019 Josh teamed up in music and in life with Australian country music star Felicity Urquhart. Their ARIA nominated debut album “The Song Club”, blended Josh’s signature folk/roots sound with Felicity’s country leanings and established the duo as a potent musical force.

Nearly four decades have passed since Josh was inspired to pick up a guitar after seeing Michael J Fox’s (aka Marty McFly) spirited rendition of Johnny B Goode in the 1985 movie “Back To The Future”. From that moment forward, Josh’s passion for the instrument has steadily grown – a passion which led him to begin building his own guitars, which he plays onstage. A Fishman Blackstack magnetic soundhole pickup is an integral component of his distinctive and much emulated sound.

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