One On One with TriplePlay Artist Scott Henderson

One On One with TriplePlay Artist Scott Henderson

Fishman had a chance to catch up with jazz/blues guitar virtuoso Scott Henderson.

Scott’s impressive work over the years as co-leader of the group Tribal Tech, leader of his own groundbreaking trio, and sideman to some of the best jazz artists of their generation, including the great Joe Zawinul, has elevated him to the front ranks of both Jazz and Blues.

Besides being a world class player and premier composer, Scott’s trademark is his beautiful tone and striking ability to blend Blues, Rock, Funk, and Jazz, creating a soulful and unique voice on the guitar. 


What projects are you currently working on? Are you touring right now?

I’m writing for a new album, which I hope to record sometime next year after we’ve had a chance to tour a few times playing the material.

Tell us about your latest solo release “Vibe Station.”

It’s an instrumental trio album with Travis Carlton on bass and Alan Hertz on drums. It took about a year to write the music and another year to record it since we were touring a lot at the time. We played live in the studio, but afterwards I did a lot of layering and overdubs. The music is a mix of jazz, blues and rock, and I never know what to call it – I just hope people like it!

What was your first reaction when you tried the TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Controller?

Wow, it tracks much better than anything I’ve used before!

How has the TriplePlay helped with transcribing your music?

I use it to enter notes into my DAW, which is Digital Performer. That process would take much longer if I used a midi keyboard, since I’d have to do it one chord at a time. With TriplePlay, I can play the music on guitar and get a very accurate recording, just like playing the music on stage. Then Digital Performer prints out the charts and I write chord symbols and performance notes by hand.

As a teacher at GIT, do you think TriplePlay would be a helpful tool for learning arranging, composition and recording?

Absolutely, especially when working with a DAW that writes music as you play. I also use it as an improvising tool – I slow my midi play along tracks to about half speed and then record while I improvise. Then I speed the tempo up to normal, and this helps me decide which improvising ideas I’d like to practice playing at faster tempos.

Tell us about your experience working with Fishman.

Everyone has been really nice, from helping me with tech questions to helping support my projects.

You have a podcast with Bruce Forman called “Guitar Wank.” Can you tell us a little bit about it and what you guys talk about? Gear? Guitar players? Player tips?

All of that and much less intelligent stuff as well. I think the name dictates that we don’t take ourselves all that seriously and my favorite moments are when we’re just being ridiculous to make people laugh.


For more information on Scott Henderson and his latest release “Vibe Station,” please check out his website.

Learn more about TriplePlay here.

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