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Using TriplePlay directly with 5-Pin DIN external MIDI hardware

This is sort of a follow up to an earlier post regarding using TriplePlay to an external synth via a DAW.  Some customers ask if it is possible to use the product without a computer at all, and it is.  I have yet to see external MIDI

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Ben Morris modifies his Martin guitar for TriplePlay

Here is a really interesting submission from TriplePlay user Ben Morris. I will start with the following disclaimer: 1) In Fishman’s testing, we did not get optimal tracking with acoustic guitars and TriplePlay.  So, this is not an approved Fishman pairing.  Ben’s suggestions are his own, and

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Trouble with Kontakt: crashing when Kontakt window is closed

Native Instruments has a known issue with their newest release of Kontakt Player, 5.3.0, when used in 32-bit software like the 32-bit version of TriplePlay.  For this reason, we’ve suggested not updating Kontakt in the TriplePlay installation guides, but this may create an issue with a few

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TriplePlay Tele Installation Pt. 2

Check out this pretty simple modification to an old school 3-saddle bridge that a TriplePlay owner performed himself. He used a file to cut slots in the bridge plate, making sure to cut them both simultaneously to ensure that they were straight across from each other. Then

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New Beta version of TriplePlay software features AAX support for ProTools 11 and above

TriplePlay users have always been able to use the product as a direct controller for Pro Tools, in the past, but we didn’t have a compatible plug-in version of our software that could be hosted in the ProTools software.  Lately, we’ve been working on an update that

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Copying a sound from one synth fader to another

This could be a really simple post, folks.  Answer: you can’t do it.  But, there are some shortcuts to using the same sound from one of our factory patches on a different synth channel.  Let’s take SampleTank, for example.  Let’s say I wanted to create a split

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Native Instruments ends support for OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard

So, we say our software package is compatible with 10.6.8, and it is.  The software we provide is compatible, including Native Instruments, SampleTank, TriplePlay, Progression and Studio One.  Unfortunately, for our provided NI factory patches to work within our TriplePlay software, it requires updating the product within

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What is this latency thing I keep hearing about?

There is a lot of talk about latency when it comes to our wireless guitar controller, but some folks don’t really understand the different types of latency and where they come from.  There is a slight delay between when you play a note and when it is

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TriplePlay Tracking vs. Brand X

I cracked a huge smile at this picture a customer emailed me.  He already had a popular brand (this brand X stuff is really reminding me of the instant coffee and laundry detergent commercials from when I was a kid) of MIDI guitar pickup installed on his

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One way to connect TriplePlay to MIDI hardware modules through a computer and a DAW

Some folks have written and asked how they can get MIDI information from TriplePlay through their computer and back out to a hardware MIDI device.  As with most setups, there are several ways to do it, but I thought I’d go over one method I used recently

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