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TriplePlay and iPad

Did you know that with nothing more than a simple USB adaptor, you can plug and play your TriplePlay straight into an iPad (or even an iPhone)? Well, our friend Ernesto does, as he ably demonstrates in these two quick videos, using IK Multimedia’s SampleTank 3 for

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Foot Controller Presets for TriplePlay Use

While there is no shortage of foot controllers on the market that can be used with TriplePlay, two popular models that we have been able to test in-house are the Logidy UMI3, and the Line 6 FBV Express MKII: What we are looking to do is enable

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Using Fishman TriplePlay with GarageBand and Logic Pro X

We’ve posted a quick tutorial on how to instantiate the TriplePlay plugin within both GarageBand and Logic Pro X. For those wishing to drive Apple’s native sounds within either of those two DAWs, there are two options: loading the patch “Hardware Synth” from within the TriplePlay standalone

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Fishman provides the package Komplete Elements with our TriplePlay product, and we’ve created some factory patches which use instruments from the Kontakt and Reaktor libraries included with this set.  If you install this product prior to installing TriplePlay, you will be able to check off a box

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TriplePlay Demo Kits

Excited about TriplePlay, but want to try before you buy?  A number of retail locations have been taking advantage of the new roaming Fishman TriplePlay Demonstration Kits.  Check out the above display at Cream City Music, in Brookfield, WI. The store receives a guitar outfitted with TriplePlay

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TriplePlay Hardware Installation

Thinking about getting a TriplePlay, but are unsure whether or not it will fit on your guitar? Have you installed TriplePlay already, but are concerned that you may have done something wrong? Are you a luthier tasked to install a TriplePlay, and would like to know best

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Using TriplePlay with iOS Devices

Using your TriplePlay with any device that accepts MIDI input, such as an iPad or even an iPhone, allows you to compose, perform, and record anytime, and anywhere. Plus, you can do it all wirelessly! In this new YouTube video, we run through a few of the

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Creating Alternate Tunings

Creating patches in any alternate tuning you can dream up is a quick and easy process with TriplePlay and the included software from Native Instruments and IK Multimedia. Not only can you save wear and tear on your strings by applying the tuning changes to the synth

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Issues authorizing Native Instruments when using Boot Camp

Thanks to TriplePlay user Ron Jankowski who was having nightmares trying to authorize his Native Instrument package on a computer setup with BootCamp.  Native Instruments told him Boot Camp installations were not supported, but he found a nice workaround: I have isolated the issue and fixed it.

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Using TriplePlay with Pro Tools (Windows)

While the latest version 1.2 release of the TriplePlay software is AAX-compatible and can therefore be hosted within Pro Tools, this new feature is technically Mac-only as of right now. There is an issue within Pro Tools on Windows machines where the ports are not allowed to

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