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Battery Recall

Fishman Battery Recall Notice to all users of the Fishman Universal and Les Paul Rechargeable Battery Pack(s): It has come to our attention that the battery in this product, if punctured, may represent a risk to the instrument or the owner. Although the product passed consumer safety

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Free Strings Promotion

Free Strings! Get a free set of D’Addario strings with the purchase of a Fishman Bluegrass or Strings Family pickup! See more details here.

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ESP Guitar Company Chooses Fluence Modern Humbuckers for AMS Exclusive

ESP Guitar Company Chooses Fluence Modern Humbuckers for AMS Exclusive ESP’s new SN Series is based on a popular model often requested but never before available outside Japan. The new 1000 Series marks the first time that the highly acclaimed Fishman Fluence Multi-Voice pickups have been incorporated

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TriplePlay FC-1 Controller Now Available

Extend the capability of the award-winning TriplePlay Wireless Guitar Controller and breathe new life into your MIDI gear with the new TriplePlay Floor Controller. With its built-in USB host, multi-function footswitches and MIDI I/O, you can connect sound modules and synths so you don’t have to bring

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Fishman Introduces Three New Fluence Signature Series Pickup Sets

Among the many benefits of the groundbreaking Fluence technology is its ability to create and sculpt multiple voices that evoke the best tones of pickups past. With the Signature series, Fishman R&D has collaborated with three leading artists to recreate the voices in their musical imaginations. Each

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TriplePlay El Capitan Compatibility

64-Bit Operation: Highlight the TriplePlay application icon and Command-i to get info on the file. Uncheck the box to “run in 32-bit” Fishman’s 64-bit software is fully functional in the new Mac OS El Capitan version 10.11.1 or higher. Note that the 64-bit version of TriplePlay can

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“Controller Not Found” Why can’t TriplePlay see my controller?

There are a lot of reasons TriplePlay software might not be connecting with your hardware, but in calls and emails from customers, I’m finding the single largest cause is simply that the receiver and controller aren’t paired.  Here is the information from our FAQ: My TriplePlay controller

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Why is my Komplete or Komplete Elements installation box unchecked?

I get this question a lot, so we’ll probably put it in the FAQ soon.  This is really simple.  We provide factory patches for two virtual instrument packages, Komplete and SampleTank 2.  We ship Komplete Elements, a light version of the Komplete Package from Native Instruments, and

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TriplePlay and iPad

Did you know that with nothing more than a simple USB adaptor, you can plug and play your TriplePlay straight into an iPad (or even an iPhone)? Well, our friend Ernesto does, as he ably demonstrates in these two quick videos, using IK Multimedia’s SampleTank 3 for

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Foot Controller Presets for TriplePlay Use

While there is no shortage of foot controllers on the market that can be used with TriplePlay, two popular models that we have been able to test in-house are the Logidy UMI3, and the Line 6 FBV Express MKII: What we are looking to do is enable

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