Loudbox Artist and Performer Spiffs

Terms, Conditions and Fine Print:

  • Loudbox Artist and Loudbox Performer Spiff Program is effective for sales of new Loudbox Artist and new Loudbox Performer amplifiers from June 15th, 2018 through August 15th, 2018 (USA only)
  • Loudbox Artist and Loudbox Performer Spiff Form must be completed for each sale.
  • Copy of the sales receipt with store name must be uploaded.
  • Printed name and signature of owner/store manager must be on the sales receipt.
  • Loudbox Artist and/or Loudbox Performer sale must be paid in full, and sales must be final. No spiffs will be paid on “Lay-a-way” products until paid in full.
  • Spiffs will be sent via post beginning 9/30/18. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
  • Entries must be submitted by 9/30/18

Questions? Contact Fishman at 800.FISHMAN.