#LoudboxLick Giveaway

#LoudboxLick Giveaway

#LOUDBOXLICK giveaway! Win a Fishman Rare Earth Mic Blend Pickup ($299 value).

1. Go to your favorite Fishman Loudbox dealer’s shop
2. Take a video of yourself playing through a Loudbox amp
3. Post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #LoudboxLick (also tag @FishmanMusic and the dealer)

You can with a Rare Earth Mic Blend Pickup! We are giving away one each week through July 31 2019. Official rules at https://www.fishman.com/loudbox-lick-rules/

Let Greg Koch tell you all about in the video below (also check out his new acoustic album at bit.ly/GregAcoustic – it rules)

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