The New Matrix Infinity

Over its 25-year history the Matrix has established itself as the go to undersaddle pickup for players and manufacturers looking for great Fishman-Quality sound. And while there were tweaks and adjustments along the way, the basic system has been unchanged — Until now.

Matrix Infinity VT
Updated with a new, sealed control module and tweaked to perform even better with modern acoustic guitar amplifiers.

Matrix Infinity Mic Blend
Adds a multi-position cardioid condenser mic capsule for increased “air” and tactile tone.
When the original Matrix pickup was first introduced, there were basically two types of amplification systems:

  • PA systems – Big and small from Madison Square Garden to CBGB, these were full range systems with lots of EQ processing.
  • Combo amps – Covering a lot of ground, some were designed for keyboards or electric guitars, some were bespoke acoustic amps. None were truly full range, powerful or ideal.

To address this situation and better mate various guitars to various amplification systems, the electronics in the original, and subsequent Matrix pickups, had switches and tone controls to boost or cut bass and alter the EQ curve in ways that would allow players to get a good sound in whatever situation they were performing in.

Today, the gap between PAs and acoustic amps with regard to quality of sound is virtually gone. Other than size, an amp like a Loudbox Mini with its multiple speakers and finely tuned preamp and power amps is every bit as sonorous as a big PA.

Because of this new reality, the controls, most notably the EQ switch, which was previously a set-and-forget feature, is now easily accessible and able to tailor the instrument’s performance mode to accommodate the inherent sounds of different types of guitars, amplification choices, playing styles and performance situations.


Bass side control module

  • Master Volume – Sets overall pickup output level
  • Scoop tone – Controls depth of midrange scoop
  • Voicing switch – (Underside of VT module)
  • Standard Flat/Bass boost options
  • Tweaked/modernized voicings
  • Ring terminal pads for 2nd source pickup

Mechanical updates

  • New cover for main jack mounted PCB
  • New enclosures for Bass/Treble and Blend thumbwheel controls

Low Battery LED

  • Located on main preamp body
    (Same as current version)

Bass side control module

  • Master Volume – Sets overall output level
  • Scoop tone – Controls depth of midrange scoop (pickup only)
  • Voicing switch (underside of V&T module)
  • Standard Flat/Bass boost options
  • Tweaked/modernized voicings

Treble side control module

  • Blend thumbwheel – Controls blend from full pickup to full mic (center detent for 50/50 blend)
  • Stereo/mono output capability built in (Option determined by cable choice)

Stereo output

  • Controls maintain same functionality in stereo mode

Low Battery LED

  • Location of LED is back of blend module – visible inside guitar


  • Endpin jack mounted preamp
  • Includes steel-string (default) and nylon-string (packed in box) control modules
  • Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup – Wide/Narrow/Split/Uke or Special
  • Hook and loop fastener mounted internal battery bag & wire clips
  • Mounting hardware and chrome strap button (gold available – sold separately)