Expert Review: EastWest MIDI Guitar Instrument Series Volumes 1-5 –

Expert Review: EastWest MIDI Guitar Instrument Series Volumes 1-5 –

EastWest partners with Fishman on a library designed specifically for TriplePlay

Guitarists have ridden a roller-coaster for years when it comes to the promise of MIDI and guitar synths. First we hear about a new release that promises to take MIDI guitar to a whole new level of usability, only to have our hopes shattered when we finally get our hands on the product itself and discover it suffers from poor tracking, or that you have to use their controller instead of your favorite guitar… or if it works with your guitar, you have to make extensive modifications to add their special pickup and electronics. But all of that has been changed dramatically with the introduction of the Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI guitar controller. But a controller is only part of the equation – you need great sounds to use along with the controller, and that’s where the EastWest MIDI Guitar collection comes in. A collaborative effort between Fishman and sample and virtual instrument (V.I.) titans EastWest, it promises to provide an extensive collection of sounds that are optimized for use with the Fishman TriplePlay. Let’s see if it lives up to the promises.

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