TriplePlay Tracking vs. Brand X

TriplePlay Tracking vs. Brand X

TriplePlay vs BrandX

I cracked a huge smile at this picture a customer emailed me.  He already had a popular brand (this brand X stuff is really reminding me of the instant coffee and laundry detergent commercials from when I was a kid) of MIDI guitar pickup installed on his guitar.  It was a MIDI guitar pickup, and installed close to the bridge, in the proper location.  To compare TriplePlay, he also installed our product on the guitar.  It was installed further from the bridge (because the optimal position was already taken), in a location that would give the TriplePlay less accurate tracking.  He then tracked both MIDI pickups to two different computers running the same notation software.

The results show TriplePlay accurately tracking what he played on the left hand side, and Brand X with a couple of extra measures worth of notes he never played on the right hand side.  Same performance, but look at the difference in tracking accuracy!  9 out of 10 people I know, in my informal survey, recommend TriplePlay guitar controllers for their friends who use guitar controllers.  🙂


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