TriplePlay El Capitan Compatibility

El Capitan

64-Bit Operation:
Highlight the TriplePlay application icon and Command-i to get info on the file. Uncheck the box to “run in 32-bit”
Fishman’s 64-bit software is fully functional in the new Mac OS El Capitan version 10.11.1 or higher. Note that the 64-bit version of TriplePlay can only host 64-bit plugins. This means that the provided package SampleTank 2.5XT and factory patches created with that library, will not be functional, because they are 32-bit. Only factory patches created using Native Instruments will be functional, because they offer 64-bit support.

32-Bit Operation:
(default installation state) Highlight the TriplePlay application icon and Command-i to get info on the file. Check the box to “run in 32-bit”
Fishman’s software appears to work in the new Mac OS El Capitan, but when plugin windows are opened in the 32 bit version of TriplePlay, they are blank. There are several known issues with many plug in producers, including our partner Native Instruments (to name just one.) Given that most manufacturers are phasing out 32 bit support, Yosemite is the most recent supported Mac operating system for use with TriplePlay software running in 32 bit mode. If you use a 32 bit DAW or plugins regularly, do not upgrade to El Capitan.


If you are not using TriplePlay software, but just using TriplePlay as a direct controller, the device itself is still compliant and working in El Capitan, in 32-bit or 64-bit applications, however this functionality is not fully tested. Our TriplePlay standalone software itself will operate, TriplePlay Hardware Synth patches can be created, managed and loaded to your TriplePlay controller, and users can set string sensitivity and other tripleplay features. In 32 bit operation, installed partner software will allow users to hear sounds from patches that have been created in earlier operating systems, however opening the plug in windows for those virtual instruments will show a blank screen instead of the partner software instrument information.