Copying a sound from one synth fader to another

Copying a sound from one synth fader to another

This could be a really simple post, folks.  Answer: you can’t do it.  But, there are some shortcuts to using the same sound from one of our factory patches on a different synth channel.  Let’s take SampleTank, for example.  Let’s say I wanted to create a split that had the factory default sound from the patch Blues Organ (#1 on my list) from frets 1-12, but I wanted the sound from the Piano default patch (#8 on my list) for leads on frets 13 and above.  You can’t copy sounds from one patch to another, but it is possible to identify our sound from a default, and then load that sound in another instantiation of the plug-in.  Here is one way to accomplish the mission example above:

1) Open the patch for Piano to identify its instrument default by clicking the correct patch in the Patches dialogue.  Close the Patches dialog to expose the main window of the TP software.

Patches Window

2) Double click on the purple box beneath the synth 1 fader to expose the SampleTank plug-in and its parameters.

3) Make a note of the parameter settings on the left…

SampleTank dialog

and the instrument used (in this case Dynamic Piano).  You will need this information later, so literally make a note of them you can recall at a later point.

4) Close the SampleTank dialog and and open the default patch Blues Organ.

5) Click and hold on the blue box beneath Synth fader 3 and load SampleTank.

6) Recreate the parameters from your notes on the parameters in the left of the open SampleTank plug-in window.


7) Click and hold in the top part of the plug-in window where it says “LOAD” and select the instrument from your notes (in this case dynamic piano)

Load dialog

8) Close the SampleTank dialog

9) Create your split by pressing the Show Splits button at the bottom center of the TriplePlay window.


10) Click on the purple region of the fingerboard to expose its handle, and drag the handle so (in our example case) the purple region covers frets 1-12.  Click on the blue region and use its handle to drag the blue so it covers frets 13 and above.

11) Click the red Disk icon (or Patch/File Save as) to save your newly created patch as a new user patch.

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