“Controller Not Found” Why can’t TriplePlay see my controller?

There are a lot of reasons TriplePlay software might not be connecting with your hardware, but in calls and emails from customers, I’m finding the single largest cause is simply that the receiver and controller aren’t paired.  Here is the information from our FAQ:

My TriplePlay controller will not sync with the receiver. How do I get them to pair?
You need to push the button on the receiver, and the small button on the controller. The LED light on the controller is also a button (some people miss this). You need to press this button until the light flashes more quickly (it may require a firm push, especially on the initial attempt after installation), and also press the button on the receiver. When paired, the receiver light stays solidly on, and the controller light flashes more slowly. If this does not work, quit the TriplePlay standalone app, unplug the receiver and turn off the controller. Relaunch the TriplePlay app, plug the receiver back in, turn on the controller, and repeat the pairing process.