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Fret-King Introduces New Fluence Series Guitars at NAMM

Combining the detail of British design aesthetic, with the cutting edge of US technology, the new Fret-King Fluence Series guitars make for a truly special relationship between Fret-King guitars and Fishman USA. Available in three of the most popular Fret-King models, all fitted with Fishman’s groundbreaking Fluence pickups

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New at NAMM: Fluence Signature Sets for Tosin Abasi, Will Adler, and Killswitch Engage

Progressive metal visionary Tosin Abasi has mastered a wide range of musical styles and techniques, so it comes as no surprise that his Signature Series pickups feature the most diverse mix of tones ever packed into any Fluence set. Always on the cutting edge, Tosin’s tones defy

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New Fluence Signature Series Sets Now Available at Dealers

Devin Townsend and Stephen Carpenter Fluence Signature Series pickup sets are now available at dealers worldwide. Groundbreaking Fluence technology allows leading artists such as Townsend and Carpenter to create and shape multiple voices that evoke the unique tones and voices in their musical imaginations. A set of

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Battery Recall

Fishman Battery Recall Notice to all users of the Fishman Universal and Les Paul Rechargeable Battery Pack(s): It has come to our attention that the battery in this product, if punctured, may represent a risk to the instrument or the owner. Although the product passed consumer safety

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ESP Guitar Company Chooses Fluence Modern Humbuckers for AMS Exclusive

ESP Guitar Company Chooses Fluence Modern Humbuckers for AMS Exclusive ESP’s new SN Series is based on a popular model often requested but never before available outside Japan. The new 1000 Series marks the first time that the highly acclaimed Fishman Fluence Multi-Voice pickups have been incorporated

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Fishman Introduces Three New Fluence Signature Series Pickup Sets

Among the many benefits of the groundbreaking Fluence technology is its ability to create and sculpt multiple voices that evoke the best tones of pickups past. With the Signature series, Fishman R&D has collaborated with three leading artists to recreate the voices in their musical imaginations. Each

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