Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend describes himself as, “a human being who’s trying to make a better version of himself with the byproduct of that process being music. Music that seems to come out in as many different emotional ways as life presents, music that has always had as its aim the ability to transcend.

“‘Transcendence’ is the name of my new album and it’s also the thematic inspiration for my signature pickups. The goal was to merge two opposite ends of the sonic spectrum into one product and I’m proud to say we have strongly achieved that.”

Devin’s music covers a lot of ground, both subtle and dynamic, it’s about the interaction between two very distinct styles. It can be both very heavy and very gentle. To create a pickup set that can legitimately straddle these diverse worlds, Devin worked closely with Fishman R&D to build in very specific attributes that sonically react like two entirely different instruments.

“Now, for the first time in my career, what I use in the studio is exactly the same as what I use on stage. It’s all the same thing. There’s no special guitar that I use at home, no special pickup. Same guitar, same pickups… Fishman Fluence.”“When you’re talking about the whole concept of my record, ‘Transcendence’… in order to really be able to play softly, you have to know how to play completely, thoroughly, and emotionally destructively. And to do that, you also have to know how to be kind. That’s what I’ve been trying to do musically, and these pickups are a metaphor for that.”

“Seems funny in hindsight that in order to write an album about ‘getting over myself’ I felt the need to write yet another album about myself. Rarely has a covert (and often blatant) narcissism not played into my creative process, but hey… I’m hoping there’s at least a few points for self awareness awarded? yay?”

“Transcendence was a project that started with a conscious intention on my part to step out of my comfort zone in order to progress. The music on this album (of which only a portion of what was written has shown up) was the best DTP style music I could do at this stage, and I think between my intention and the work of everyone involved in bringing it to life, it stands as a kind of archetype of what the DTP sound has been striving for in my opinion. Heavy, melodic, relatively simple, optimistic and modern sounding. Even if this style came to an end for me after this album, I think it would be a solid way to go out.”

Devin’s new signature model guitar is made by Framus and features his Fishman Fluence Signature Pickup Set.