LOW CUT: this control affects the lowest frequencies that can cause “rumble” or thumping sounds while you play. It is a shelving type filter that is variable from 10Hz to 160Hz.

BASS: A boost here will add depth and weight to the sound of an instrument with light bass response. Cut the bass a few dB to tighten up the big, boomy tone of a dreadnought or jumbo guitar. This filter is centered at 115Hz with +/- 12dB of boost or cut.

MIDDLE: turn all the way down for a smooth “scooped out” tone at high volumes. Raise the control to add midrange “bite” to the sound. This filter is centered at 750Hz with +/- 12dB of boost or cut.

TREBLE: A boost here will help acoustic sounds stand out in a mix. Conversely, cutting the Treble will mellow and subdue your tone. This filter is centered at 6kHz with +/- 12dB of boost or cut.

BRILLIANCE: This control can add shimmer and sparkle to your sound or reduce excessive finger noise and fret buzz. This filter is centered at 10kHz with +/- 9dB of boost or cut.

Fishman AFX Pro EQ mini acoustic guitar preamp and EQ pedal standing front.


Controlling Feedback with Low Cut and Phase

When playing with an amplifier at high volumes, it’s common to experience run-away feedback “howl” where the resonances of the instrument are accentuated.

A simple way to reduce this unwanted effect is to move the Low Cut slider up until the howl is reduced.

AFX Pro EQ Mini also includes a Phase control that reverses the output signal polarity, changing the instrument’s relationship to the sound coming from an amplifier. One phase setting usually provides better resistance to feedback than the other and will vary depending on the instrument and playing environment. Toggle Phase and choose the setting which sounds or feels most natural when playing. In certain playing environments, there may be little audible impact.

To toggle Phase, hold the footswitch for 3 seconds and the output polarity is inverted. Repeat to restore the output polarity.

AFX Pro EQ mini acoustic guitar pedal feedback range