Sampler Operation

Sampler mode is designed to play audio once without looping. You can switch between Looper and Sampler mode if you want to simply just play a recording once and have it stop automatically.

In Sampler mode, you record a length of audio and the pedal pauses, allowing you to play the recorded audio back once at any time. Unlike Looper mode, the Sampler is designed to play the audio back once without overdubbing.

AFX Broken Record Sampler pedal diagram

Set the toggle switch to Sampler

If a sample is currently in memory, the LED will flash green, otherwise it is unlit.

  1. TAP the footswitch once to begin RECORDING audio and the LED turns red; start playing!
  2. TAP again to STOP recording. The pedal is now paused and the LED flashes green.
  3. TAP the footswitch once and the recorded audio PLAYS back
    • TAP at any time to PAUSE audio
    • DOUBLE-TAP the footswitch to always RESTART the Sample from the beginning
    • HOLD the footswitch to CLEAR the sample