Looper Operation

LOOPER mode lets you record, play back, and endlessly overdub to create multi-layered audio loops.

AFX Broken Record Looper pedal diagram

Set the toggle switch to Looper

If a loop is currently in memory, the LED will flash green, otherwise it is unlit.

  1. TAP the footswitch once to begin RECORDING audio and the LED turns red: start playing!
  2. TAP again to stop recording and immediately start PLAYING the loop and the LED turns green.
  3. To OVERDUB (record on top of) the loop you just recorded, TAP the footswitch once and the LED is lit yellow.
    • TAP again to EXIT OVERDUB at the end of the looped audio and the loop will return to PLAY
    • HOLD the footswitch down to UNDO the last overdub and the LED flashes green
  4. DOUBLE-TAP the footswitch to STOP
    • TAP once to start PLAYBACK
    • While stopped, HOLD the footswitch to ERASE the loop and the LED flashes red

A loop remains in memory even after power is removed.