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Tonefiend's TriplePlay Demo
Harmony Central's TriplePlay Demo
L2P Network TriplePlay NAMM Video
TriplePlay Demo by Chad Johnson
Installing TriplePlay
TriplePlay Recording by Harrysound
Musikmesse 2013 Interview with Larry Fishman
"Getting Nasty" with Tonefiend
Creating Song Sets
Composing and Transcribing
Using Guitar Rig LE
Using Studio One Artist
Creating Fretboard Splits
Performing with TriplePlay
"Third Prayer for Wholeness" by user Peter Shor
TriplePlay Overview by Harrysound
TriplePlay by iGuitar Magazine
TriplePlay user Imerboku
GEAR GODS: Summer NAMM 2014
Demo by user Simone Nobili
TriplePlay with Logic Studio
Installation and Demo by Unity Guitar
Chitarre Magazine at Musikmesse
"Paneer" by Joe Gore
"Cathode Ray Blues" by Joe Gore
Sweetwater Guitars & Gear: TriplePlay
TriplePlay Demo by user Dallas Marlow
Fishman TriplePlay with Mike Squires
Fox Control using TriplePlay Live
Jodee Frawlee using TriplePlay
Sitar & Lap Steel by David Yannuzzi
Michael Nyman: The Sacrifice
TriplePlay Workout by John Arnold
Tonefiend Playing Drums with Guitar
Derek Song's "Solar Flare"
Fender Fishman TriplePlay Stratocaster HSS Demo
TriplePlay guitar mix experiments
GT Control Fishman Triple Play Demo
DynaSample XPression meets Fishman TriplePlay
TriplePlay VST Plugin Inside Cubase 7.5
TriplePlay Review by Review With Tom Quayle | Guitar Interactive
Double Double MIDI Trouble by Joe Gore
Third Party VST's
Songwriting and Arrangements
TriplePlay & Included Factory Patches
Layering Patches
TriplePlay & Expressive Guitar Techniques
Intro: Four Chords and a Scale
Broaden Your Playing Style
Alternate Tunings & TriplePlay
Demo by Brett Gildersleeve
Ben Levin's Astounding New Sounds
Brett Gildersleeve covers "The Thrill is Gone"
Paul Motter covers TriplePlay
Sweetwater Sound TriplePlay Demo
Godin Session Custom TriplePlay Demo
"Rematerialize" by My Sky Your City
Mr BucumaleĢ Tumbao
Tim Lerch Demos TriplePlay
Geoff Sinker's TriplePlay Demo
Doc Powell Demos Flute & Brass
Doc Powell Demo of Chord Solo w/ Strings
Doc Powell Demo of Great Harmonica Sound
Fishman TriplePlay Hardware Installation
TriplePlay at Sam Ash Music
One Man Band Guitar Patch - In the Lab with TriplePlay #1
Octaves by Burr Johnson
Jam Stage Demo of Fender TriplePlay HSS Strat
EDM Guitar Cover of "Thrift Shop"
Dominik Hardy playing acoustic piano
TriplePlay with Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Sing a Song with Santa Claus
TriplePlay Installation in French
Etherial Hip Hop Guitar - In the Lab with TriplePlay #2
Just Dance by Burr Johnson
Bent Knee perform "Being Human" with TriplePlay