TriplePlay Software Updates

TriplePlay Software Updates

In the Current TriplePlay Release section below, you will find the latest release of the TriplePlay Software. Should the unlikely need arise, we have also provided older versions for your convenience. Please Note: Loading older software versions over current installations may result in the loss of data, i.e. patches. For best performance, we recommend that you always use the latest software version.

Current TriplePlay Release
TriplePlay v1.2.3672
  • TriplePlay OEM wireless transmission range has been increased (-18dBm to -12dBm).
  • Improved the hardware mode factory patch content to make it more predictable.
  • Improved receiver/controller connectivity, primarily in relation to working within DAWs.
  • Resolved occasional crashing issue with the standalone running on OS X 10.7.x.
  • Resolved issue where the TriplePlay AU failing to load in GarageBand.

Current FC-1 Release
TriplePlay v1.3.5195 (updated: 2016/05/19)
TP Firmware: 2.31/1.85
FC-1 Firmware v1.03
TriplePlay v1.3 is compatible with Windows 7 and OS X 10.8 or above.
Users MUST have the FC-1 TriplePlay accessory to use this version.

During installation, users will be asked to install Fishman factory patches. If you are installing factory patches, MAKE SURE to follow the instructions below or your Factory patches will not work.

Most Users: If you originally installed Komplete Elements as part of the TriplePlay software bundle, NI Elements Factory Patches should be checked and NI Komplete Factory patches unchecked.

Owners of Komplete 8 or higher: If you did not install the TriplePlay Komplete Elements package because you were an owner of a full Komplete 8 or higher bundle already, NI Komplete Factory Patches should be checked and NI Elements Factory patches unchecked.

Users upgrading from Tripleplay v1.2.3672 will need to update the firmware on both the FC-1 and TP controller/receiver. This update could take several attempts to complete. Please verify your TP firmware is at 1.85/2.31 in the “About TriplePlay” window before continuing.

  • Install and open Beta TriplePlay application.
  • Plug paired TriplePlay receiver into FC-1 and FC-1 into computer.
  • Accept FC-1 and TP controller firmware update when prompted.
  • Follow instructions to re-pair if needed after the prompt.
  • The update should now be complete.
Current FC-1 Release
  • Program change now sends on channels 11-16
  • Users can now load patches to controller in both Poly and Mono mode
  • Right-clicking patches now gives several editing options
  • Patches window now includes an additional list dedicated to Hardware patches
  • Hardware patches can be saved, edited and imported/exported via csv file
  • Hardware patches are now automatically saved to the controller after renaming a patch, reordering patches, or clicking the “Save” button.
  • Double-clicking the synth under the patch name now opens the parameters window
  • Increased patch load speed
  • Improved Splits functionality
  • Changed graphic to match Fishman Fluence pickups
  • Improved plugin stability

Older Versions
TriplePlay v1.2.3672
  • TriplePlay AAX plugin is now available for use with Pro Tools. (Mac Only, see our blog for Win support)
  • Added support for Windows 8.1.
  • Added support for Garageband X and Logic X.
  • Added support for OSX Mavericks v10.9.
  • Playback and record multiple MIDI channels in Garageband X.
  • Improved plugin scanning; unavailable plugins now show in red.
  • MIDI commands are now passed through the TriplePlay application and can be assigned to your hosted plugins.
  • Canceling ‘Scan for Sounds’ during a scan no longer clears the list of already detected plugins.
  • Fixed user patch ‘drag error’. In a previous build, dragging patches to user lists were causing some patches to land in unexpected slots.
  • Optimized patch caching within ‘Songs’ list. Set up your patches within ‘Songs’ for nearly instantaneous patch changes. This is a great enhancement for live performance.
  • Improved stability when changing audio buffer and sample rate settings.
  • Improved stability when instantiating TriplePlay plugin within DAWs.
  • String sensitivity is now adjustable when using TriplePlay plugin within a DAW.
  • Improved stability when recovering from an interrupted connection.
  • If the Controller battery is extremely low, the system will now recognize weakened system performance and automatically shut the unit down.

TriplePlay v1.1.3426
  • Updated controller firmware to v2.08
  • Improved controller recovery when device out of range or from interference.

TriplePlay v1.1.3211
  • Improved communication between plugins and standalone application
  • Resolved hanging issues with Logic and GarageBand