Accessories : Cleartone (discontinued)(Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued
The Cleartone is a replacement guitar saddle that improves your pickup's performance and enhances the instrument's acoustic qualities. Do you wish your guitar had more volume, deeper bass and longer sustain? How about improved balance with under-saddle pickups, along with a smoother and more evenly voiced acoustic tone? The Cleartone Saddle is the right tool for the job. The Cleartone is manufactured with our exclusive "Fishbone" saddle material, which is as bright as traditional organic bone, but has a more consistent and predictable response. The real secret to the Cleartone's magic lies within five little "keyhole" slots. Each slot forms a separate pedestal for each string, which focuses mechanical energy more directly onto the soundboard. By giving each string an independent path, the Cleartone gets rid of the crosstalk, phase cancellation and acoustic damping common to traditional saddles.