Effects Pedals : AFX Reverb Acoustic Effects Pedal(Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued

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The AFX Reverb is the first reverb stompbox to offer studio-quality spaces designed specifically for acoustic guitar. Eight custom-created reverbs have been carefully voiced to enhance—not color—the delicate and complex signature of the instrument. Its unique parallel mix path keeps your original tone unaltered, creating a studio-mastered “space station” for live performance or home recording. An all-analog buffered bypass path ensures clean, quiet operation in all environments.

With 24-bit audio conversion and 32-bit signal processing, the natural dynamics of any instrument are faithfully preserved. Its award-winning design is incredibly rugged, featuring a full metal chassis and stereo operation. The unique level control mixes the selected effect in parallel, adding as much or as little reverb as you want in addition to your direct sound.


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  • Reverb stomp box for acoustic guitar
  • 8 Effect Presets: Studio, Room, Plate, Chamber, Stage, Concert Hall, Cathedral, Canyon
  • Level control
  • Tone control
  • Decay Time control
  • All-analog, buffered bypass path with foot switch control
  • 1/4 inch stereo ins and outs
  • Input Gain switch adds level boost while maintaining unity gain
  • Clip light also shows when the battery is low
  • 24 bit A/D/A
  • 32-bit processing
  • 9-Volt battery or adaptor power
  • Durable all-metal construction