Undersaddle : Acoustic Matrix Series (discontinued)(Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued

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The list of Acoustic Matrix users reads like a whos who of acoustic musicians. The secret of this undersaddle pickups sound (and popularity) lies in its proprietary co-polymer pickup and active endpin-mounted preamp. To complement the individual voice of your guitar, we offer the Acoustic Matrix pickup with two preamp options:

Acoustic Matrix Natural I

Smaller sized concert/auditorium instruments and nylon string classical guitars will benefit from the slight bass boost in the Natural I preamp. This version of the Acoustic Matrix can also work well in some larger guitars, especially at low to medium stage volumes. 


Acoustic Matrix Natural II
The flatter response of the Natural II is a good match for large, boomy guitars such as scalloped-braced dreadnoughts and jumbos. Because of its excellent resistance to feedback, the Natural II is also a good choice for all guitars that are played at high amplified stage volumes.

Acoustic Matrix Pickups are available in Wide, Narrow and Split formats.

Professional installation is recommended.

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