Preamps : Acoustic Blender & Bass Blender (discontinued)(Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued
Professional players know of the magic that's created when you pair a pickup with an onboard microphone. Our Blenders allow you to get that magic mic+pickup sound, with compact, easy to use, battery powered systems that are packed with useful performance features.

Acoustic Blender
The original Acoustic Blender is ideal for mixing an internal microphone and pickup together on guitar, cello, violin, mandolin, harp, banjo and other acoustic instruments. This unit offers two independent channels, each with volume, bass, treble, phase and input trim controls, plus a full complement of stereo and mono inputs. The Blender's rear panel includes three effects loops and three sets of balanced/unbalanced outs for just about any signal routing scenario imaginable. A master volume control, headphone out and mute switch round out this powerful feature set. The Acoustic Blender operates on a 9-volt battery, or an optional AC power supply.

Acoustic Bass Blender
The Bass Blender delivers the same long list of special features as the Acoustic Blender, but is specially engineered for the unique tonal requirements of the upright acoustic bass.