Prefix Premium Blend
Onboard Preamp

The Prefix Premium Blend features our acclaimed Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup, onboard chromatic tuner, and a gooseneck-style internal microphone. To complement this pickup, our miniature gooseneck microphone captures the guitar’s elusive natural ambience and sound chamber resonance.

Blend the pickup and the microphone together for a powerful and cohesive acoustic guitar tone that is deeper and more “filled out” than the sound of either the microphone or pickup alone. The package includes a Phase switch and an adjustable Notch filter, both essential for fighting feedback.


Model Number 1:


Wide Format

Model Number 2:


Narrow Format

State-of-the-art onboard preamp

Volume control as well as Bass, Treble, and a wide-range semi-parametric EQ to isolate certain frequencies, and boost or cut them as needed

Feedback-fighting Notch filter and Phase switch

Onboard chromatic tuner can be used without plugging in the guitar

Gooseneck-style internal microphone with a pickup/mic blending slider

Low battery indicator

Unique pivot design for instant 9-volt battery access

System includes an Acoustic Matrix Undersaddle Pickup and Switchjack Stereo Endpin Jack

Pickup available in wide, narrow or split formats

Professional installation is recommended



2.46" W x 4.02" H
(62.5 mm) (102.25 mm)

Wide Format:

1/8" (3.2 mm) width

Narrow Format:

3/32" (2.3 mm) width



Battery Life:

130 hours