Fishman Equipped



Farida D-12ce

Equipped With: Isys T (OEM)
The D-12CE is Farida’s entry-level Dreadnought electro, and is designed with the same easy playability as the D-8. Perfect for the new guitarist, or for the electric guitarist new to acoustics, the D-12-CE has a slim, low action neck and lightweight body, complete with cutaway for upper fret access. Electronically this model is equipp...

Farida D-10ce

Equipped With: Isys T (OEM)
A fantastic all-rounder, this guitar is ideal for the player who wants an outstanding electro without any sacrifice acoustically.The solid Sitka Spruce top produces a warm, rounded tone when unplugged, balanced by the mahogany back and sides. The soundboard vibration is captured by the piezo pick-up located under the saddle, translating the guit...

Farida J-16E

Equipped With: Presys (OEM)
An all-out tone generator, the J-16E is built for pure sound.The Solid Spruce soundboard delivers huge natural volume, braced by its mahogany back and sides, whilst the matt finish ensures that the Spruce breathes and resonates freely, giving optimum projection and breadth of tone.This guitar is designed to deliver maximum sound for its price-po...

Farida SF-55ce

Equipped With: Presys Blend (OEM)
The SF model is the result of extensive research, combining stunning looks and slim comfortable body dimensions with premium grade tonewoods to create a truly exceptional instrument.The top is cut from solid Sitka Spruce, while the back and sides use the finest grade African mahogany, creating a delicate, even tone, ideal for stumming and pickin...

Farida SF-12ce

Equipped With: Isys T (OEM)
The SF-12ce is the little brother of the 55, offering the same playability and stunning aesthetics but at a more affordable price.The Fishman pre-amp offers the player fantastic on stage control, making this a fantastic live guitar for the player wanting to make an impression without breaking the bank.

Farida A-22NSce

Equipped With: Prefix Pro Blend
Awesomely resonant for its smaller auditorium body shape, the A-22NSce is a little gem of a guitar, beloved by public and critics alike. The solid Sitka spruce soundboard gives a crisp, ringing tone, with the matt finish ensuring free movement and maximum volume. The aesthetics are decorative yet understated, with the abalone rosette and maple b...

Farida F-8ce

Equipped With: Isys T (OEM)
Farida’s starter electro-acoustic, the F-8ce has proved popular with a wide range of players. The smaller body size makes it a popular choice for younger guitarists, while the cutaway design and low string action appeal to electric players new to acoustics.The F-8ce is fitted with a piezo pick-up system and powered pre-amp system which pro...

Farida F-12ce

Equipped With: Isys T (OEM)
Big brother of the F-8, the F-12ce takes the same cutaway design and easy playability and adds a greater tonal variety and attention-to-detail. The slim, gloss-finish neck is finished to a higher degree, and the Fishman pre-amp ensures a more professional plugged-in sound.With its tobacco sunburst finish this model is perfect for the electro pla...