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Alhambra 7Fc CW E2

Alhambra 7Fc CW E2

The Alhambra 7Fc Cw is a wonderful flamenco guitar with a beautiful bookmatched solid cypress back and solid cypress sides. Breathtaking, tremendous, genuine Flamenco sound. Its tone is consistent up and down each fret on all strings.
The guitar suits almost any style. Its sound is clear, balanced but may be a bit edgy for classical music ( it is a flamenco guitar ). It has a bright sound, very "percussive" in a way. It cut through the mix and clearly is excellent for Flamenco Anyway, the quality of this instrument is so high that you may play virtually anything.

Equipped With


  • Top: Solid German Spruce
  • Back: Solid Cypress
  • Fretboard: Rosewood

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