Product Manager

Fishman Transduers, Inc. is seeking an experienced Product Manager to lead next-generation computer music products. The ideal candidate must posses an in-depth knowledge of music-related software products, apps, sound design and related hardware products with an emphasis on guitar and stringed instruments. You will utilize your unique blend of business and technical savvy to develop strong product visions and then champion that vision throughout the company, working closely with internal and external product development to make that vision real.


  • Contribute and manage your products through key life-cycle stages: Research, Planning, Definition, Vision Alignment, Development, Launch and Continuing Support

  • Drive product development decisions affecting the customer, including product design, look, feel and usability

  • Develop concise product definition for existing and future software and hardware products

  • Manage field-testing (Beta test) as appropriate for new or revised products

  • Provide feedback to sales and marketing relative to new product issues

  • Provide customer training at trade shows and events as needed

Essential Skills

  • 5+ continuous years in a related Product Management manufacturing capacity
  • Willing and able to listen to multiple perspectives to form solid, data-based conclusions
  • Intimate knowledge of a variety of key MI markets
  • Market research, distribution, and competitive analysis skills
  • Solid foundation in business plan development and measurement
  • Requires travel to customer and non-customer sites, est. 15%