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Fishman Artist // Thomas Kikta

Musician, Audio Engineer, Producer, Professor and Author, Thomas Kikta is a versatile artist who has been the director of Classic Guitar and Recording Arts and Sciences at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. for over twenty four years.

A native of Pittsburgh, he studied Classic Guitar performance with Aaron Shearer at both the Peabody Conservatory and at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He has performed around the country and for such dignitaries as Mia Angelou and Tony Morrison and has worked with such artists as Ricardo Cobo, and Manuel Baruecco. As an audio engineer and producer Mr. Kikta’s credits include The New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony, Visa /Mastercard, Family Guy, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Starkist, Dr John, MCG Jazz, BMG Classics, Leonard Bernstein, Pepe Romero, Sean Jones, Jacob TV, Jeff Bergman and the New Century Saxophone Quartet, to name a few.

After working closely with Aaron Shearer for over 28 years he with Mr. Shearer coauthored the 3rd edition of the best selling and benchmark work “Classic Guitar Technique Vol 1” published by Alfred Publications, which was nominated for “Best Instructional Book or Video for 2009” by Music and Sound Retailer.
He was invited to write “The Complete Idiots Guide to Classical Guitar Favorites” which was published by Alfred Publications in 2010. This work provides supplementary lessons to 30 favorite selections for a student working with a method book. It also gives historical perspective to the authors and selections with fun facts and a guitar historical time line.

As a Co-founder and Board Chairman of the Guitar Society of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh audiences have enjoyed a decade of world class guitar music as well as free music lessons for underprivileged children. Thomas Kikta along with members of the Shearer family have founded The Aaron Shearer Foundation an organization dedicated to preserving and propagating the teachings and legacy of the revolutionary guitar pedagogue, Aaron Shearer.