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Justin James

Fishman Artist // Justin James

I grew up with music all around me and I've been singing since I can remember. I didn't really have any inhibitions. I would sing my heart out to whatever was on the radio. We had a room in our house, "The Music Room" and I would spend hours in there singing to my favorite albums.

In my early teens I found my second love, windsurfing. The search for wind and waves took me to some amazing places. I was 20 years old off the coast of Venezuela and was attacked by a tiger shark. It grabbed my ankle and chewed me up pretty good. I was left with 250 stitches and a limp but it could have been worse. I am extremely lucky; I still have a foot and more importantly my life. It took nearly a year to recover and during that time I wrote my first song. It’s been a long time since the accident but I still get a rush when I come up with a new tune.

For the last 8 years I've made a living from my music. No fast cars or first class tickets but I’ve learned a lot and I love it. I have a little music company... we're pretty small right now but things are good. I believe if you build it slow it will last longer.

I've been honored to share the stage with some amazing artists and my songs are finding their way out there. I've had TV & commercial placements, some radio love, but most importantly I have amazing fans that keep me going. Half the year I'm on the road and the other half I am performing in the Caribbean. My new album came out in August of 2011. It’s called "A Beautiful Life" and indeed it is.