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Hugh McDonald

Fishman Artist // Hugh McDonald

Hugh "Huge" John McDonald (born December 28, 1950, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a well known session musician and bassist. Before joining Bon Jovi he for many years was the bass player for the David Bromberg Band, touring extensively world-wide and playing on many Bromberg albums. Hugh was one of the studio musicians that recorded Bon Jovi's original first demo for the song "Runaway". He has also appeared on Jon Bon Jovi's solo album Destination Anywhere and was part of Jon backing group, "The Big Dogs". He is currently working with Bon Jovi and has been doing so since Alec John Such's departure after Cross Road was released in 1994.

Hugh has played with many artists, both live and in the studio. He has recorded with Willie Nelson, Richie Sambora, Steve Goodman, Ringo Starr, Bon Jovi, Lita Ford, Michael Bolton, Cher, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, and others. Although he records with the band in studio and performs live on stage and during publicity performances, McDonald is left out of publicity shoots and album covers.