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Diane Ponzio

Fishman Artist // Diane Ponzio

Diane Ponzio, born and raised in NYC and graduate of the "Fame" school, is such an innovative guitarist that C.F. Martin chose her to represent them worldwide at Trade Shows and promotional clinics since 1985. In fact, in 2003, the company released a limited edition, The Diane Ponzio Signature Model. (JDP) Diane tours all over the world as a solo singer/songwriter. Her style is personal, percussive, and inspirational. She has an avid following in Europe, and tours there twice annually, as well as New Zealand, where she recorded her 7th full length CD, entitled "In The Middle".

Here is what some have said about Diane....

Lydia Hutchinson, Editor, The Performing Songwriter magazine: "Diane Ponzio is a first-class writer and musician, and one of the most entertaining performers around. She's the real deal."

George Wurzbach, National Projects Director, Songwiters Guild of America: "It's remarkable how Diane's songs take you someplace. They scoop you up, excite emotion, lay you back down, and you're grateful for the journey."

C.F. Martin IV, CEO, Martin Guitar Company: " Every time she plays, I can't help but feel she's playing just for me. Then I look around the audience, and it seems as if everyone else feels the same way."

Akustik Gitarre Magazine, Germany: "What would occur if one tried to find an appropriate stylistic "drawer" for Diane Ponzio? Certainly one would pull out "folk" as the first drawer. But then a drawer for jazz would have to immediately follow. And then for Chanson and Blues. At some point, this type of thinking would have to be given up because Diane makes, if one, after all must try to categorize it, popular music in the best sense-that is, in an intelligent manner and on a high musical level."