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Derick Sebastian

Fishman Artist // Derick Sebastian

Derick Sebastian was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Maui. He was forced to grow up quickly due to the loss of his dad when Derick was only three years old. He has endured a life of obstacles and dealt with adversity, challenges and health issues. However, even at a very young age, Derick fully realized that he needed to fend for himself. One of four siblings raised by a single mom, Derick has definitely come into his own.

In his younger days, he had a great passion for sports and experienced much success in football, baseball and track. Unfortunately, health problems compromised his ability to truly excel, and this led to much frustration. Fortunately at that time, Derick became mesmerized by the ukulele and decided to make it a major focus in his life. He took his focus to a level many of us can only imagine. He decided to not just play this little four-stringed instrument, but to master it. As a result of many influences, but primarily due to his strong will, determination, and countless hours of practice, Derick has achieved his goal.

Derick is now sought-after for his ukulele prowess. He travels throughout the mainland to perform and hold instructional classes and workshops. Due to great demand, he continues to expand his travels and has recently received invitations to also travel abroad to perform. Derick continues to work hard at his music and at what he believes in. He utilizes his work ethic as a means of escape, to cope with life, and to simply express his humble self. Derick hopes to make a difference not only in his life, but in the lives of those around him as well.