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David Gray

Fishman Artist // David Gray

You could be forgiven for thinking that this was the difficult second album but in truth it is the (comparatively) painless sixth. Just to throw some context on the impact and scale of its predecessor, White Ladder is certified seven times platinum in the UK with sales of over 2.2 million accrued over more than 100 weeks in the Top 40. In Ireland, at the time of writing, the album has spent 175 weeks on the chart and is the biggest selling, non-compilation album of all time.

Beyond statistics, the essence of White Ladder's creation contributed to its unique status. Here was a record made at home after a series of thwarted excursions into the mainstream and certainly not one fashioned with a view to reaping success on such a scale; an album of unlikely and homespun origins whose instinctive honesty and simplicity found favor around the world. In America to date, two million copies have been sold and David received a Grammy nomination for 'Best New Artist' to compliment Ivor Novello and Q awards for the single 'Babylon' back home. Clearly its successor would never have the luxury of consensus, building on such dramatic terms.