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Dave Linsk/Overkill

Fishman Artist // Dave Linsk/Overkill

Dave Links says...I started playing guitar because I loved to do it, and for no other reason. I still love to play and have the same desire to do so as I did when I started to play.

I would say, when it comes to music just do what you like and feel and not what someone else tells you it should be...that way if nothing ever comes out of what you created, you will always still have something you like instead instead of something you compromised on. Because after it is all said and done, if you compromise on something that what was suppose to be the grand idea, (unless you are completely in love with and agree with) you will never like it and that is something you will have to live with for years to come.

The long running New Jersey thrash metal masters, Overkill, are back on March 27th, 2012 with their 16th studio album, The Electric Age. Following up the 2010 release of Ironbound, one of the best metal records of 2010, The Electric Age delivers 10 brand new thrash tunes in the same mold as their previous albums. Starting in April 2010, Overkill will be touring coast to coast in the states.