The Farm Make Grand Ole Opry Debut with Fishman

Fishman artists The Farm made their Grand Ole Opry debut on February 10th after the Opry invited the new Warner/Elektra recording artists to celebrate their first single, “Home Sweet Home”, which has been soaring through Country Radio Top 40 charts.  

In an era where music fans shuffle their iPods from Alan Jackson to Eminem to Journey, The Farm blends country with other influences in a manner that’s completely natural and gives the band its own immediate niche.

The Farm is in many ways a hybrid act – a trio deeply rooted in Country Music, that folds in sonic elements from a variety of popular-music genres – but the core is built around a solid, identifiable vocal harmony.

Interlocking voices have been an important thread in country’s history. The Farm puts its own distinct spin on the sound, a tightly woven mesh that relies on the synthesis of three musicians who found their way to Nashville from different parts of the U.S. with different sets of musical influences.

The band consists of Nick Hoffman, a fiddle player who has a traditional country background, Krista Marie who was a former solo vocalist with a background in opera and standards, and Damien Horne who had first moved to Nashville with an alternative-rock band and ended up opening concerts for R&B artist John Legend. When it was first suggested that the three write together, it was evident that they had a unique chemistry.

Despite the outside influences, The Farm is clearly a country project, built from heartland values, Nick’s snarling fiddle, and those intense harmonies created by three distinct solo voices.

“There are a lot of bands out there that you could take a member out and not know the difference,” Nick, the fiddle-playing singer, notes. “This is not one of those bands.”

The Grand Ole Opry is the world’s longest-running radio program that has presented the biggest stars of the genre every week in Nashville, Tennessee since 1925.

Watch a video of The Farm's debut at the Grand Ole Opry here.

Find out more about The Farm at their official website.