Loudbox Artist Review in Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar covers all of the "Feature Packed Goodness" of the Loudbox Artist in the December 2011 issue.

"At 120 bi-amped watts, the Loudbox Artist has oomph enough for a coffeehouse or a small-to-medium sized room," writes PG's Gayla Drake Paul.

The PG review takes a closer look at the built-in effects of the Loudbox Artist, a new feature previously unavailable on Fishman's acoustic amplifiers.

She writes, "The Loudbox Artist’s effects are digital, and sound quite similar to Fishman’s acoustic effects pedals, which are exceptionally clean and more or less free of coloration."

"The reverbs are clean and useful. Reverb 1 seems a little warmer, while Reverb 2 seems brighter, without being brittle," adds Gayla Drake Paul. "They’re both very natural and can be truly lovely. The delay is very effective at low levels for sweetening up the tone, or you can go totally nuts and use the footswitch to introduce the effect in dramatic passages. Effect bank B is home to Chorus 1, which like the Reverb is warmer, while its Chorus 2 counterpart is brighter. I really like the Flanger, too–it adds a lot of dimension to the sound.

"I took this to a gig where I performed both solo and as part of a duo," the reviewer continues. "In the solo context I barely had to tweak the tone controls to get a gorgeous natural sound and added a little of Reverb 1 for some extra dimension. The clarity of the amp is exceptional, even when I used the effects more aggressively."

Click here to watch a video of Gayla Drake Paul's review of the new Loudbox Artist.