Jacques Stotzem's Lonely Road

In the acoustic guitar world today, Belgian fingerstyle guitarist Jacques Stotzem is renowned for his diversified style and fascinating musicality. His signature model C.F. Martin guitar is equipped with a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend to capture every nuance of his unique style, crystal clear picking attack, and amazing playing dynamics.

His unique and highly refined playing style combines a well-developed melodic sense with a rare dynamic approach to the instrument that speaks directly to the listener. Jacques, unlike many guitar players today, possesses an in-depth sense of harmonic knowledge, which is evident throughout his compositions. All of this is cemented together by his perfect command of the instrument and by his optimistic personality.

Jacques Stotzem always convinces the listener with his guitaristic poetry. On his new release, Lonely Road, this virtuoso of the strings plays instrumental songs about unforgettable experiences and recalls memories of his turbulent life as a musician. "For the listener, it’s a little like leafing through my travel diary," Stotzem says, explaining the intention behind Lonely Road – recorded as usual with lots of imagination and passion, feeling and devotion. And Jacques Stotzem is by no means alone on that road.

Lonely Road is available now at Acoustic Music Records.

For info about Jacques and tour dates visit: www.stotzem.com