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Introducing the new Platinum Pro EQ and Platinum Stage Preamps

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-analog Platinum Pro EQ and Platinum Stage universal instrument preamps deliver incredibly accurate sonic detail for any acoustic instrument. Their discrete, high-headroom Class-A preamp uses precision, high-speed circuitry for the highest fidelity and low distortion.
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Apple® Invites Larry Fishman To Speak At Special Employee Presentation

Larry Fishman founder and President of Fishman, designer and manufacturer of pickups, amplification, and other products for acoustic and electric musicians, was recently invited to speak to Apple designers, engineers and product managers. Fishman delivered a presentation entitled “Inspiring Tools for Musicians: A Confluence of Engineering and Art” to a standing-room only audience.
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Fishman Sponsors 2014 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase

October 24-26 at the Bearsville Theater and Utopia Soundstage in Woodstock, NY! The Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase is an annual event for the community of acoustic stringed-instrument builders, players, collectors and aficionados, presenting a gathering of the finest handmade acoustic guitars and stringed musical instruments from around the world!
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Fishman Fluence® Single Width Multi-Voice Pickups Are Now Available!

Fluence® Single Width Pickups are now shipping to dealers straight from Fishman's factory in Andover, MA. Throughout the year, Fluence pickups have been covered by numerous guitar publications and have been the talk of the industry. Online forums and social media have been buzzing with talk about Fishman's latest technological breakthrough, which represents the first real advancement in pickup system design in over 80 years.
TriplePlay News

TriplePlay Reviewed by Recording Magazine

"What the TriplePlay has done for me is to open the doors to a vast world of possibilities with the tools I already had and loved -- my guitar and my well-trained hands on it. I've been able to use virtual instruments like never before, and I was stunned to find inspiration and hours of enjoyment with sounds that I would quickly discard when auditioning with a keyboard controller!"
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One on One with Grammy Nominated Guitarist and TriplePlay Artist Doc Powell

Grammy Nominated Guitarist Doc Powell has been a fan of Fishman products for over twenty years. Last year while recording BET’s Comic View and Apollo Live, Doc had a chance to use the TriplePlay wireless MIDI guitar controller during the taping and fell in love with it. Fishman had an opportunity to sit down with Doc recently and talk about TriplePlay and all of the musical projects he's been busy with.