Grace Potter joins Kenny Chesney on The Today Show

30 Rock turned country for a while when Kenny Chesney performed two numbers from his latest release Hemingway's Whiskey (2010, RCA Country). Chesney's band also includes Fishman artists Nick Hoffman (fiddle, guitar) and Tim Hensley (guitar).

After a performance of “Somewhere With You," Chesney was joined on stage by Grace Potter. The two performed "You and Tequila," the newly released (and fourth top 20) single from Hemingway's Whiskey. Grace Potter also appears in the song's new video. Click here to watch the official video on

"You and Tequila" was written by Deana Carter and Matraca Berg, and both recorded their own versions: Carter on her 2003 album I'm Just a Girl, and Berg on her 2011 album The Dreaming Fields.

In an interview with Billboard last August, Kenny Chesney had this to say about the song and his duet with Grace Potter:

"This song makes me believe in music even more. I'd never met Grace Potter until she came into the studio. She grew up in the woods in Vermont. I grew up in the woods in East Tennessee. We come from completely worlds, different backgrounds, probably religious beliefs, we haven't talked about it. I don't know what her political beliefs are, I don't know nothing about any of that. I know she's a great person and I know that she is a hell of a singer. I heard her voice and I knew I would love to sing with her one day. I didn't know it would be on this, or this soon.
"When I heard 'You and Tequila,' it put me in that spot. That's when I thought of Grace, because I listened to her music a lot on the boat, a lot on the bus, her live record especially. She has a song called 'Apology' that still kills me. I got in touch with her and sent her the song, I had already recorded it. She called back the next day and said "I want to make this happen." When she came in and we put our voices together, wow.  I love the song, Matraca and Deana wrote it, but, boy, it's relatable, so universal. To have Grace on it, that will be with me forever."

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are back on the road this summer to support their eponymous third studio album, which was also released last year. Check them out here!