Fingerstyle Fantasy: Second CD Compilation to Benefit Pete Huttlinger is Now Available

Many of the very best players in the world have come together and offered their music and support to Fishman artist Pete Huttlinger through a series of CDs.

Compilation producer Trashton Porter has worked tirelessly on this amazing series of benefit CDs, which are being been funded by the wonderful folks at

All proceeds raised will help diffuse costs associated with Huttlinger's surgeries and treatment. The widely respected guitarist and Nashville studio artist is recovering from surgery and awaiting a heart transplant.

Huttlinger has a congenitally defective heart. His heart has slowly deteriorated over his lifetime, and in March, he went into extreme heart failure. Too sick to wait for a heart transplant, Huttlinger was life-flighted last April to St. Luke's Texas Heart Institute in Houston and underwent surgery (May 4) to have a heart pump installed. This cutting edge device is a mechanical pump that is implanted in his heart and is powered by a battery pack which Huttlinger carries with him. This undertaking is referred to as a "bridge to transplant."

Compilation #1 entitled “For Pete’s Sake,” was released on November 23rd and includes contributions by Don Alder, Muriel Anderson, Michael Chapdelaine, Phil Keaggy, Sungha Jung, Antoine Dufour, Bryan Rason, Ben Powell, Don Ross, Jack Pearson, Iker Cedeno, Keith Miller, Gareth Pearson, Trashton Porter, Al Petteway, Keegan, Mark Kroos, and Carl Verheyen.

Released on January 19, “Fingerstyle Fantasy”, the second compilation in the series, features contributions by Antoine Dufour, Claus Boesser Ferrari, Peter Finger, Preston Reed, Michael Chapdelaine, Pierre Bensusan, Stephen Bennett, Peppino D' Agustino, Vicki Genfan, Mark Goldenberg, Willy Porter, Billy McLaughlin, Trace Bundy, Don Ross, Don Alder, Al Petteway, Phil Keaggy, John Knowles and Pete Huttlinger himself.

According to producer Trashton Porter, “We have songs from the most famous players in the world.  We also have songs from super-talented younger artists that will be the "masters" of tomorrow.  We have received songs from many different genre's of music.  Compilation #1 showed some of the eclectic diversity of songs that we have collected for this on-going project.”

Porter continues, “I have no doubt that this compilation may be the most important fingerstyle album of all time!  The list of players is stellar!  Their songs are masterpieces!”

Compilation #3, due on February 14th, will consist of John Oates, Jennifer Batten, Andy Timmons, Don Alder, Rick Vito, and so many more famous and accomplished musicians.  Compilation #3 will have many songs that contain vocals and full bands such as, "Leaving On A Jet Plane" by John Oates.  This album will also include pieces from some young and upcoming artists from all corners of the earth.

Brad Wendkos, Founder of TrueFire, adds “This project may be the most meaningful initiative TrueFire has ever participated in and we urgently need your help. We're so proud to call Pete a friend but this is so much larger than that; Pete has contributed so much to the world of music and to the community of guitar and this is our opportunity to ensure that he continues to do so. In fact, this is our opportunity to stand together, pool our collective resources, and literally save this man's life. There's no one more deserving than Pete.”

Purchase these brilliant compilations through iTunes or directly from our friends at TrueFire, For those who would like to donate to Pete and his family, you may go to and make a donation.

To learn more about how this incredible project came together, please visit